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I don't use tvtime anymore but some people do, so I leave some patches here.
Most issues from the old patchset are fixed in the current tvtime cvs.
Now there are only 3 files here:

* tvtime-cvs-alsa.patch
  patch alsa into tvtime cvs version
* tvtime-cvs-alsa_and_fixes.patch
  patch alsa and some minor fixes into the cvs version
* tvtime-from-1.0.2-to-cvs+alsa.patch.xz
  patch the 1.0.2 version to the cvs version with fixes and alsa (!)

ALSA seems to work, but I cannot really test it. 

From the old README:


	Adds alsa-mixing capability to tvtime (and does a little lint),
	originally by pmhahn (at, Thanks!
	I only fixed the volume-range.

	ALSA (Line-Out) is tried at first if no command-line option or 
	option in tvtime.xml is given.

	To use ALSA either type: (e.g.)
		tvtime --mixer hw:0/Line
	or change this in your tvtime.xml:
		<option name="MixerDevice" value="hw:0/Line"/>
	You also need to rerun after applying the patch !!!

	See also:


Btw., if you use tvtime with OSS via kernel alsa-oss wrapper and have a problem
choosing another mixerdevice, you properbly chose the wrong device. They
are named differently in ALSA and OSS. You can see the wrap with:
$ cat /proc/asound/card0/oss_mixer

So, "aux" might be "LINE1" with OSS.

Andreas Mueller